Product Spotlight: The Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

Of all the new tools we’ve launched this year, the capsule multi tool is the most exciting. Like most of our other tools, we’ve taken an old and obscure design, and modernized it to be useful again. It was fun to develop and we’re proud to say there is nothing else like it.

3-D print prototype of the Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

3-D print prototype of the Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

On the surface, this is simply a small brass capsule holding an assortment of bits. However, having spent almost 2 years working with 70-year-old originals, 3-d printed prototypes and various iterations, I can promise you that this is a sophisticated, elegant and useful update.

Capsule Components

Brass Capsule’s Components

The original capsule that I found in a London Flea market was well tarnished with deformed bits inside. In my experience, any old tool with deformed parts is a big hint about its usefulness, not an indicator of its quality.

The Original Multi-Tool

The Original Multi-Tool

In the generation since this was last made, we’ve changed our methods or work and the materials that we work with, so the 4 bits reflect these changes. For example, you are unlikely to need an awl for leather repair so it’s been traded for a Phillips bit screwdriver, which every modern tinkerer needs. The beauty and utility of Brass is timeless so I kept the case that way, but improved the alloy for more strength (and skipped the chrome plating).

Original Capsule

The Original Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

New Garrett Wade Capsule

Garrett Wade’s Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

This is a cool little tool that you will love for its looks as much as you’ll love it for it’s utility.

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Anthony Francis
Anthony has built houses and furniture, tended gardens and orchards, managed forests, and enjoyed virtually every other homesteading task he has undertaken. When he is not traveling the world to source and create new products for Garrett Wade, he is renovating his brownstone in Brooklyn, N.Y.


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    John R. rochelle July 23, 2017 at 9:23 am

    Very similar to one a friend’s father brought back in 1944 after being badly wounded at Normandy. Believed to be of German manufacture. Absolutely not made of brass which is is known to be a soft metal.

    I like what I see…but might consider buying it…for $18.00 shipping included.

  2. Avatar
    Jeff J March 10, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    I agree with another entry – intriguing, but too much for what it is.

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