Pruning an Apple Tree with the Garrett Wade Pruning Saw

Our videographer lives just beyond the far northeastern coastline of Maine, in Nova Scotia. She lives on 20 acres of wooded land, dotted with Spruce trees, Pines, low shrubs and a small Apple Orchard. The apple trees are quite old, much beloved, and a highlight of the property. However, a few years ago, while delineating the property line, a surveyor butchered the lower branches to create passage for his sightline.

This summer, she set out to properly prune the foreshortened branches, many of which had died and are beginning to rot – a situation which would surely transfer into the trunk of the tree. Her familiarity with Garrett Wade’s folding pruning saw made it a go-to for this job. And as an avid chronicler of our tools and processes, she set up her cameras and assigned her partner the task of pruning the apples trees. This is a condensed look at the ease with which he neatly trimmed all the branches, bringing the tree back under control, and as a result, totally rehabilitated the landscape around it.

Be sure to look for the before-and-after shot at the end of the video. Click here a complete selection of our range of Garrett Wade pruning tools.

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    Amanda Lindberg January 10, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    This pruning saw with double file bevel edged teeth is remarkable: does the job with half the effort in half the time of any other saw this 83 y.o. has ever used. Catalog description not sufficiently detailed to do it justice.

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