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About Anthony Francis

Anthony has built houses and furniture, tended gardens and orchards, managed forests, and enjoyed virtually every other homesteading task he has undertaken. When he is not traveling the world to source and create new products for Garrett Wade, he is renovating his brownstone in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Fall Prep for Lawn and Garden in 8 Easy Steps

Fall Prep for Lawn and Garden in 8 Easy Steps As the days shorten and cooler weather signals the onset of that first chilling frost, it’s time to harvest the last of your summer veggies, and prepare your garden for a well-earned Winter respite. As summer wanes and Autumn begins, there are active [...]

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Video Guide: Making A Leather Sheath

Making a Leather Sheath Curved knives for spoon carving can be difficult to store and protect. My friend Michelle sent me a picture of a knife sheath that she hoped to emulate for her carving knives. Although she’s already skilled at sewing fabric, she wanted some tips on how to approach her first [...]

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Product Spotlight: The Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

Product Spotlight: The Brass Capsule Multi-Tool Of all the new tools we've launched this year, the capsule multi tool is the most exciting. Like most of our other tools, we’ve taken an old and obscure design, and modernized it to be useful again. It was fun to develop and [...]

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