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Sharpening Woodworking Edge Tools

Sharpening Woodworking Edge Tools This guide is designed to help you select the proper sharpening tools, and to instruct you in their care and use, so that you can look forward to years of satisfying, quality work. Even if you already own a number of sharpening tools, we hope you will find the [...]

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Exercise in the Garden

Exercise in the Garden When people think of exercise, most picture indoor places, like the gym, in-home exercise treadmills, and sweaty yoga studios. But this is a fairly recent mindset. If we go back to our roots, “working out” was checked off the to-do list just by living, through everyday activities like gathering [...]

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How to Sharpen and Maintain your Axes, Mauls and Hatchets

How to Sharpen and Maintain your Axes, Mauls and Hatchets A good quality axe can last your lifetime, and beyond, if it is properly cared for. One way to maintain your axe is by sharpening it yourself; it is a easy DIY project that anyone can learn. The great thing about DIY sharpening, [...]

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Guest Post: How to Store Your DIY Tools Properly Over the Winter

Note: This is a guest blog post from our friends over at Woodwork Boss. Want to contribute to our blog with a guest post of your own? E-mail us. How to Store Your DIY Tools Properly Over the Winter Alright, crafty ladies and gentleman. It's getting [...]

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The Importance of Soil

The Importance of Soil Home gardeners and professionals alike know that crop failure, pest damage, and poor soil conditions can be major challenges, but no matter the scale of your growing area, the solution is the same: address the soil's needs and the rest will follow. Vegetables, fruits and flowers feed off naturally [...]

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How To Make Apple Cider

How To Make Apple Cider Autumn is apple harvesting season, and that means fresh squeezed apple cider. If you’ve been lucky enough to have some at an orchard or farmer’s market, you know it’s an unbeatable combination of fun process and delicious result. Recently, with the help of some young guests at our [...]

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