10 Tools You Won’t be Sorry to Own or Give

10 Tools You Won't be Sorry to Own or Give As an owner of Garrett Wade I’m lucky to have access to all the tools we carry. Honestly I’m spoiled to be able to bring almost any tool home for a test drive. Many of them –especially gardening tools - [...]

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Weather Instruments

Weather Instruments Humans throughout history have had to reckon with patterns and forces of nature beyond their control. Hunting, farming, traveling, and building are all dependent on the right conditions; as a result, the ability to assess and predict the weather has always been essential. Successive generations of early humans learned how to [...]

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Product Spotlight: The Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

Product Spotlight: The Brass Capsule Multi-Tool Of all the new tools we've launched this year, the capsule multi tool is the most exciting. Like most of our other tools, we’ve taken an old and obscure design, and modernized it to be useful again. It was fun to develop and [...]

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