Get Shod – These Shapes She Carves, These Shoes I Crave

Get Shod - These Shapes She Carves, These Shoes I Crave Stepping into my atelier you might notice the smell of leather, wood, shoe-polish, glue. You might notice the many tools hanging on one side of the wall. Above the two sewing machines a variety of threads in a rainbow [...]

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A Green Woodworking Primer

A Green Woodworking Primer Let's deconstruct a concept that's become a flash-point of buzz, obsession, and occasional skepticism: green woodworking. The word "green" refers to the wood's moisture content—it's relatively wet, either freshly-felled or stored in such a way as to trap water in the fibers. This is in contrast to seasoned wood, [...]

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Pruners: The Right Tool for the Right Job

Pruners: The Right Tool for the Right Job Love it or hate it, pruning is a huge part of gardening. It’s often made out to be more complicated than it needs to be and if you prune incorrectly often the worst-case scenario is that you’ll prune off future flowers or prune it into [...]

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Industry Insight, My Tools

Industry Insight, My Tools As a New Yorker, your excitement and commitment to our developing landscape is crucial to the city’s growth and progress. In Industry Insight, I hope to shed some light on lessons learned while greening our urban landscape as Brooklyn Grange’s Director of Design/Build. My hope in doing so is [...]

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Talking Woodworking with Jake Hogue

Talking Woodworking with Jake Hogue Jacob Hogue is the founder of Oak City Woodshop, a custom woodworking company specializing in both residential and commercial work, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Interestingly enough, Jacob’s day-to-day profession is in the field of statistical programming, but Oak City Woodshop presents a means to [...]

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Industry Insight, An Introduction

Industry Insight, An Introduction Having split up my childhood between Puerto Rico, Miami, and New Jersey, my understanding of landscaping was confused for some time. The land and climate were vastly different but I felt suited to all of them. In Puerto Rico we were surrounded by vegetation that I [...]

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